Recycalize Has Ended

We tried hard to build and grow Recycalize so users like you can help reduce waste, consume less natural resources and help protect the environment. Unfortunately, we were not able to continue developing the product and service at Recycalize. We shutdown the service on June 24, 2017. Good news is that several alternatives now exist to help you sell or give away items locally. You can use products like OfferUp, Letgo, TrashNothing and Facebook Marketplace. Thank you for being an early user of Recycalize. We could not have made it this far without you. Thank you.

Sell used items for cash or get things for free.

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Stop the landfills from growing. Don't throw the stuff you own but don't need now. Your unwanted items could be someone else's treasure and you will help the environment by preventing these items from ending up on a landfill. Selling or giving away things on Recycalize (freecycle) is as easy as taking a picture using your phone. Download the mobile app today.

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See how the Recycalize service and the app work. Find out more about Recycalize and our mission.

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Ready to do your part to help protect the environment? And help your wallet? Download our free app and share with others.

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